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Masters and School Owners Clinic
A Masters and School Owners Clinic was hosted by Grandmaster Kim on October 3rd, 2014.

Pictured above: Kimberly Lucariello, Master Patrick Maguire, Matt Wattoff, Veronica Teuschler, Master Lili Rehak, Sarina Teuschler, Master Georgia Golden, Master Ben Erwin, Master Dustin Andersen, Master Kathy Erwin, Master Jim Sprich, Grandmaster Kim, Master Bernard Cobb, Master Terry Balogh, Master Nick Simon, Master Dan Hyson, Master George Kapterian, Master Matt Kim, Sean Kirby

Pictured above: Master Patrick Maguire, Master Ben Erwin, Master Kathy Erwin, Master Lili Rehak, Master Terry Balogh, Master Georgia Golden, Master Dustin Andersen, Master Jim Sprich, Grandmaster Kim, Master Bernard Cobb, Master Dan Hyson, Master George Kapterian, Master Nick Simon, Master Matt Kim

Pan- Am Championships 2014

Congratulations New Masters!

Congratulations Grand Champion Winners!

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참여해주세요 24시간내에 해야 한데요 6000여명 모자르답니다 국제빙상연맹에 보내는 김연아 선수 경기에 대한 소치 올림픽 온라인 탄원서

국제빙상연맹에 보내는 김연아선수 경기 온라인탄원서입니다.. 위 주소 누르시고.. 저 오른쪽에 이름과 이멜주소 적고 사인버튼 누르시기만 하면 됩니다... first name 은 이름 last name 은 성 한글로 쓰셔도 됩니다.. 폰에서도 가능합니다.. 100만명이 투표를 하면 재심사 가능하답니다!!! 우리의 힘을 보여주세요~!!

Long Beach Tang Soo Do Academy Clinic

Grandmaster Kim will be at 'Long Beach Tang Soo Do Academy' on March 14 for the clinic. Schedule is 5pm-6pm Children's Class. 6pm-7pm Adult's Class. 7pm-8pm Black Belt's Class.

He's looking forward to seeing everyone. Tang Soo!

February 22, 2014 - Central NY Classic

On February 22, 2014 Grandmaster Kim will be attending the Central NY Classic. You will have the opportunity to speak with him and he will also be signing magazines.

The tournament is located at 107 Washington Ave. Endicott, NY 13760

Hope to see you there! Tang Soo!

Hello Everyone!
This is Grandmaster Chong Su Kim
I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving! Especially who came to my surprise birthday party, who came to support our championships. Everyone who knows me I thank you from bottom of my heart. It’s been blessed since I came to US since 77.
Happy Holidays!!! Wishing you the very best 2014!!!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kapterian!!
May your life be blessed for many years to come! Tang Soo!!

Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Champions 2013!

Congratulations from Grandmaster Chong Su Kim to all Grand Champion Winners!
Thank you to all of the students and families that were there to support us!
We hope to see you all next year!! Tang Soo!!

Black Belt Promotion
Congratulations to all new Black Belts and Dan Promoters!!

Red Lion Street Fair 2013

Thank you to all of the students and families that were there to support us! Tang Soo!!

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Janinne Mozingo - April 29, 1973 - July 19, 2013

Our hearts are deeply saddened by the loss of Janinne. She battled cancer for 3.5 years and showed us all that even in pain, her family came first. She fought everyday for one more day with her family, one more kiss, one more hug... Our Tang Soo Do family is blessed by what she has taught us about true Indomidible Spirit. Janinne will never be forgotten. Tang Soo Janinne, until we meet again.

Grandmaster Kim visiting Long Beach Tang Soo Do!

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Kim's Karate - 35th Anniversary / Mother's Day Show!

Congratulations to all New Dans!!!

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Grand Champions!!
Steven Dunczyk won Junior Grand Champion for sparring and Katie Clegg won Junior Grand Champion for forms! Way to go!!!

Grandmaster Chong Su Kim in Michigan
Grandmaster Kim went to Michigan March 22, 23 and 24 to assist with the Michigan State Clinic, Championship and Black Belt testing.

Grandmaster Kim paying his respects to Dean Gee. Forever in our hearts and never forgotten.

Future Pan-Am Black Belt!

Grand Champion Winners!
Miller's Martial Arts, Johnstown participated in the Blairsville Martial Arts Championship on March 9th. Master Miller won the Adult Black Belt Grand Championship in Forms & Nicole Moyer won the Junior Black Belt Grand Champiosnhip in forms.

Pictured are Master Christopher Miller and Nicole Moyer.

Michigan State Black Belt Seminar
Grand Master Chong Su Kim will be in MI State on the following dates:

Friday March 22 from 7-9pm Seminars for all belts.
Saturday March 23 Pan-Am Michigan State championships
Sunday March 24 @ 1pm Black belt test and pre-test

All members and non-affiliate members are welcome to attend any of the 3 day events.
Any questions please call Michigan State Director
International Master Bernard Cobb at 810-240-0719
Or Master Terry Balogh at 989-660-9007.

Black Belt Seminar
Grandmaster Chong Su Kim travelled to New York on January 18th and 19th for Black Belt Seminar.

New York Students