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A Great Honor!!
On January 23, 2010 during Kim's Karate Color Belt test; Technical Sergeant Andreas Hont presented Grandmaster Chong Su Kim with the American Flag that was flown over Afghanistan with our wounded warriors on a C-130 Hercules Aircraft in support of Operation Enduring Freedom on December 27, 2009.

2009 Grandmaster of the year!

Grandmaster Chong Su Kim has been awarded Grandmaster of the year by Rhingo USA. Kims Karate would like to give a gigantic "Thank You" to Rhingo USA.

2009 SPCA Donation
Through the Holidays Kim's Karate locations had collected donations for the SPCA. We received many donations from students and parents. The donations were brought to the SPCA on Jan 26, 2010. Many animals will benefit from the support of all our students and their families. Thank you so much for your generosity !!

Master Matt Kim with Grandmaster Dominic Giacobbe holding his new Tang Soo Do book 'Tang Soo Do The Way of The Warrior'.

Pictured Above Left to Right: Master Yang (Alexandria, VA), Grandmaster Chong Su Kim, Grandmaster Joon K. Seong (Fredricksburg, VA) and Master Song (Centerville, VA)

Atlantic City, NJ

Grandmaster Dominic Giacobbe, Master Matthew Kim, Grandmaster Richard Byrnes and Master Penny Mitchell

November 21, 2009 PTF Black Belt Ceremony Pittsburgh, PA

November 6, 2009 - Maryland Kim's Karate Color Belt Test

Congratulations To All New Masters!

4th Dan Master Miller. 4th Dan Master Rehak. 4th Dan Master Sullivan.

2009 Annual Pan-Am National Championships.

Congratulations to all new Black Belts and Grand Champion Winners!!!



Lakeville, MI Tang Soo Do Color Belt Testing.

Welcome Home!!

Ralph Maiolino, a 2nd Dan from Kim's Karate HQ has returned home from Iraq today after a year of serving our country overseas. We are happy to have him home safely. On behalf of all of the Pan-Am Federation we thank you and welcome you home, Ralph!

Black Belt Test August 29, 2009

Master Ben Erwin...
Master Ben Erwin was vacationing with his family to celebrate his birthday. He made York, Pa a stop he had to make so that he, his wife and daughter could train with Grandmaster Kim on August 21 and 22.

Pictured Above Front Row L-R; Grandmaster Chong Su Kim, Andrea Erwin, Brendan McPhillips, Reed Kennel and Lili Rehak. Back Row L-R; Kathy Erwin, Master Ben Erwin, Jared Lebron-Orwitz, Nicholas Quattrochi and Master Anthony Kim.

Grandmaster Chong Su Kim and Grandmaster Y.K. Kim

June 20, 2009 -- PTF Michigan "Kicks For Kids Kick-a-thon"
Senior Master Cobb gathered students to benefit St. Judes Children Research Center. Over 60 students took part in this fantastic event!

PTF Dan Testing - Pittsburgh, PA - May 30,2009

Grandmaster Ki Dong Lee, Grandmaster Taek Ho Nam, Grandmaster Chong Su Kim, and Grandmaster Young Ui Min

Mother's Day Show, May 2009 - Belt Promotions.
At the annual Kim's Karate Mothers day show; 25 students recieved black belt and black belt promotions.

Pictured above L-R; Front Row: T.J Platts, Zachary Falenski, Abby Narayan, Tom Platts, Emily Falenski, Drew Brooks, Madelyne Snider, Hollie Koester, Nate Perry, Kristopher Ross. 2nd Row: Branden Culp-Henise, Andy Faust, Christine Buckingham, Jen Beatty, Chelsea Koester, Yory Davis, Allison Myers. Back Row: Rebecca Firestone, Chris Suehr, Andrew Entwistle.
Not pictured above: 1st Dan Promotions - Bobby Pitoniak, Nick Pitoniak, Christian Stallman.
6th Dan Promotion - Master Matthew Kim

Christine Buckingham receiving 4th Dan; Master Black Belt from Grandmaster Chong Su Kim.

Senior Master Matthew Kim receiving 6th Dan; International Master from Grandmaster Chong Su Kim.

Mother's Day Show, 2009
On May 9, 2009 Kims Karate hosted it's annual Mothers Day Show. It celebrated it's 31 years of excellence in York County.

Pictured Left - County Commissioner Christopher B. Reilly and Pictured Right - Sherrif Kuebler
both recieving honorary black belt.

May 1, 2009 - Chicago Illinois

Grandmaster Kim @ U.S. Grandmaster Society.

Black Belt Exam - April 4, 2009

Dan Testing

May 12-13, 2009 - Great Grandmaster Song Ki Kim visits HQ's.
Kwan Jang Nim Song Ki Kim is one of the highest ranking Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Masters still alive today. All students were fortunate to have a question and answer session. Wow, what an experience!

Pictured above: Great Grandmaster Song Ki Kim and Master Young Dae Kim

April 18, 2009
Kim's Karate travels to Allentown, Pa for Grandmaster Jon Chung Kim's Tae kwon Do Invitationals. Congratulations to Sean Kirby on winning Senior Forms Grand Champion!

Sean Kirby standing with Grand Champion trophy!

Pictured above: Master Young Su Kim, Master John Godwin, Grandmaster Jon Chung Kim, Master Young Dae Kim and Master Daniel Hyson.

The Michigan State Championship was hosted by Masters Bernard Cobb, Ben Irwin and Terry Balogh.

Mexico Clinic - March 12-16, 2009

Choong Jae Nim Chong Su Kim and Sun Bae Sah Bum Nim Jim Sprich hosted the PTF Mexico Clinic. In attendence was PTF Mexico Master Sergio Corral Frias and his students. Grandmaster Kim gave their color belt test, black belt test and a technical advisory seminar.

To view more pictures from the Mexico Clinic Click Here

March 28, 2009

On March 28, 2009 Kim's Karate/PTF traveled to Thorofare, New Jersey. Grandmaster Ki Yun Yi hosted his 33rd Garden State Invitational Championships. All students, parents and friends had a fabulous day!

Grandmaster Min and Master Matt Kim

Master Wesley Jenkins and Master Matt Kim

March 21, 2009 - Great Job Sah Bum Nim!!

Master Georgia Golden demonstrates "Hyung" at Gup Promotion (PTF Headquarters)

March 20, 2009 - Grasshopper Test

February 28, 2009

Grandmaster Kim and Master Kim were VIP guests at the Maryland State TKD Championships. The Winners compete at the 2009 U.S. Nationals which are also candidates for the U.S.A. Olympic Team.

Pictured Above: Maryland State TKD Board of Directors

Master Matt Kim with one of Korea's Historic TKD fighters, Master Ha aka "Ghost" (2 time Korean World Champion)

Grandmaster Kim with one of Korea's Historic TKD fighters, Master Ha aka "Ghost" (2 time Korean World Champion)

Master Matt Kim with childhood friend Master Se Yong Chang member of the U.S. National TKD Team.

Congratulations John and Jordan Mullins!

On March 7, 2009 the family of John and Jordan Mullins (Black Belt Representatives From Master Bob Aubrey - Yelm, WA) traveled to Salem, Oregon and participated in the Battle of Champions Open Karate Championship. John Mullins 1st Dan, placed 3rd in forms and 2nd in sparring. Jordan Mullins also a 1st Dan, placed 2nd in forms, and 2nd in sparring in his division.

February 7, 2009

Grandmaster Chong Su Kim was presented with an "Award of Appreciation" on February 7, 2009 by Master Kwan C. Yang of 'Yang's Taekwondo Acadamy' in Arlington, VA.

Pictured above - Master Kwan C. Yang and Grandmaster Chong Su Kim

Congratulations Master Kapterian!!

On January 31, 2009 - Kim's Karate opened a new dojang run by Master Kapterian located @ Gold's Gym Shrewsbury. Thank you to all who helped make this a successful grand opening!!

(front row l-r)Alicia Merriel, Jimmy Dunczyk, Ian Firestone, Steven Dunczyk, Gabriella Wilt, Aaron Merriel and Christine Buckingham. (Back row l-r) Brian DiMattia, The Gold's Gym G.M. - Shawn Madden, Steve Dunczyk, Wendy Merriel, Madison Firestone, Mike Merriel, Jared Utz, Melissa Dunczyk, Jen Beatty, Master Kapterian, and Master M. Kim. (Not pictured, but present) Andrew Entwistle, Kimberly Grim, Master Hyson and Rebecca Firestone.

2009 Grandmaster of the year!

Grandmaster Chong Su Kim has been awarded Grandmaster of the year by Rhingo USA. Kims Karate would like to give a gigantic "Thank You" to Rhingo USA.