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Congratulations Master Buckingham!!
Master Christine Buckingham and her husband Albert welcomed their first child, Matthew Paul on December 11, 2011 at 8:54am. He was 6lbs .8oz. We welcome our newest addition to our 'Kim's Karate' family!!

Matthew Paul Buckingham

Pan-Am Federation Championships 2011

Grandmasters, Masters and Grand Champion Winners at the Annual Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation Tournament

Happy 70th Birthday Great Grandmaster Young Ui Min!!

October 13, 2011

Chief Master Matthew Kim visting Vice President Joe Biden for general assembly meeting with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak participating on improving humanity and generations to come.

In Loving Memory of Michael "Dean" Gee

Over a year ago on July 14, 2010; 16 yr old Dean Gee who was a 2nd Dan black belt in the Tang Soo Do federation from Michigan was in a fatal car accident. Our Federation is at a great loss. He was a nice young man with a Tang Soo Do heart. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to his family and friends.

"Farewell Dean, hope to train again with you in another world" - Grandmaster Chong Su Kim

Kim's Karate Shows Their Support at Hunter Fest! Aug 7, 2011

Kim's Karate Demo team as well as students from Kim's Karate Shrewsbury performed at Hunter Fest, a Non-Profit organization raising funds for abused children.


Miller's Martial Arts Championships

Pictured Above left is Master Miller receiving a Community Service Award.Pictured above right is Master Miller, Master Marsh and Grandmaster Kim. Master Miller received 5th Dan. Master Marsh received 4th dan.

1,000 Kicks For Kids!!

Michigan Schools of Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation raised $3,380.00 in pledges for St Jude Childern's Research Hospital with some late funds still being received.

June 14, 2011

Grandmaster Woo Jin Jung, Grandmaster Jae C Shin, Grandmaster Chong Su Kim, Senior Master Jim Sprich and Senior Master John Godwin welcome North Korea's Taekwondo Peace Demonstration Team.

Grandmaster Kim Shows His Gratitude to the Korean War Vets.

In honor of all they did, and the appreciation Grandmaster Kim feels in his heart; a donation for $1000.00 was donated to the Korean War Vets from Kim's Karate and Grandmaster Chong Su Kim.

TKD Times Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Congratulations Grandmaster Woo Jin Jung; President of TKD Times!!



2011 Legends Of Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Awards

Grandmaster Chong Su Kim was elected on The Board of Directors & received 'Tang Soo Do Grandmaster Of The Year!!




Because of you, we are the best! Thank You!!

Kim's Karate Part of Toth Test on Fox43!


Black Belt Test - April 9,2011

Grand Masters and Masters

Grand Masters, Masters, 3rd Dan and 2nd Dans

Millers Martial Arts - Johnstown, Pa
Master Christopher Miller of Millers Martial Arts in Johnstown Pa was named "Person Of the Week: Fighting For A Cause" to read the article Click Here Thank you Master Miller for being an oustanding citizen, a great role model and for showing what it means to "Lead By Example"!!!

Grandmaster Yi's Tournament in New Jersey, 2011
Kim's Karate students travelled to New Jersey to compete at Grandmaster Yi's annual tournament. With several students winning first place. Andrew Entwistle took home Junior Grand Champion (Boys) and Allison Meyers took home Junior Grand Champion (Girls)



Millers Martial Arts - Johnstown, Pa
Master Christopher Miller and 32 Students competed at a tournament and brought home 58 trophies!! Master Miller won Grand Champion in Adult Forms. Also Miller's Martial Art's won "Most Supportive School"

Millers Martial Arts - Johnstown, Pa
Master Christopher Miller took 18 students to compete at the Mifflin County Classics on Feb 26th. They brought home 36 trophies!! Way to go!!

Long Beach California Promotional Color Belt Test

Visiting India!
Ben Scofield a 13 yr old Green Belt went on a Mission Trip with his church to Carmel Matriculation School in Tamil Nadu, India Jan 7 - 22, 2011. Ben showed Pan-Am pride while visiting some of India's attractions. He even showed the students some of his forms!