Pan-Am Tang Soo Do FederationPan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation

Our mission at each studio is to motivate students to build a solid foundation for overcoming obstacles in life. Tang Soo Do can be an eternal addition to your life, physical ability and long or short term goals.

We provide a fun and learning atmosphere for students to learn the "joy of discipline". While working in a positive environment, we attend to individual needs of each student.

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Kim's Karate Main Headquarters, York PA

Kim's Karate Manchester, Manchester PA

Kim's Karate Shrewsbury

Kim's Karate West, West York PA

Kim's Karate Lock Haven, Lock Haven PA

Min's Karate, Camp Hill PA

Min's Karate, Carlisle PA

Nam's Karate, Robinson PA

Nam's Karate, Mt Lebanon PA

Nam's Karate, Cecil PA

Millers Martial Arts, Johnstown PA - This is no longer a Pan-Am location. They are no longer permitted to teach the curriculum taught to them by the Pan-Am Tang Soo Do federation.