Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation

The One, The Only, The Original...

World Famous Hall Of Fame Grandmaster Chong Su Kim has instructed over 100,000 students, produced more than 5 Grandmasters, 60 Masters and more than 1600 black belts throughout the world since 1978

Welcome to the International
Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation Website

As we build on our accomplishments, we define our future... a future of Tang Soo Do - the Moo Duk Kwan excellence, leadership, service to our community and a global perspective... a Moo Duk Kwan future I hope it will include you.

Chong Jae Nim, Chong Su Kim
8th Dan Black Belt Grandmaster
(Honorable 9th degree)

"When you walk into one of our schools, expect nothing but traditional quality instruction."
-Grandmaster Chong Su Kim
"A Guiding Light In
Traditional Tang Soo Do"

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